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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should the menopause be addressed in the workplace?

Individuals should be able to work in a stigma-free environment that encourages open discussion and provides support and understanding.

Employers and Managers need to be empowered with knowledge in order to adequately manage and support their employees.

Do you provide legal or medical advice?

I provide practical advice and support. For any legal or medical advice I would recommend you contact the appropriate professionals.

Are all presentations and training bespoke?

Yes. I work with each individual organisation to create bespoke presentations and training sessions. 

Who should be invited to your presentations and training sessions?

I believe everyone needs to be educated about menopause.

How do I address a presentation to my workforce?

I will provide you with my bio and details of what attendees can expect from the presentation for you to send to your workforce with the invitation to attend.

Are presentations in person and/or online?

I work with the organisation to meet their needs. I can provide in person/online or a hybrid of both when presenting. 

Do you present globally?

Yes. I ensure the presentation timing meets the appropriate timezone. 

How many attendees in a presentation?
No limit; but consideration to be taken for how many questions can be answered depending on the number of attendees.
Are you able to provide guidance for a menopause policy?

Yes, guidance can be given to meet your organisation’s needs.

About Me

I was diagnosed with premature menopause at the age of 35. Learn more about my experiences with the menopause.

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I provide a range of menopause presentations online and in-person, tailored to the requirements of each business.

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