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Bristol Law Society were delighted to join with Nicola to kick off our members webinar series on the really important topic of Menopause in the Workplace. Nicola is incredibly passionate about the subject and is very open about her own experience which really helps to make her sessions highly relatable and to create a forum for open, honest and sometimes even humorous discussion.  The feedback from this session was overwhelmingly positive from both women and the men who attended and there was much interest from our members in how they could help transform their company cultures into menopause-friendly workplaces where issues could be discussed openly and without fear of it being a taboo subject.  Whether you want to train your law firm managers and leaders or create an informative session for all your people, we would encourage you to speak to Nicola to see how she may be able to assist you.

Helen Read

Head of Operations, Bristol Law Society

Thanks Nicola – your talks have been well received at all the offices and we have taken away some practical tips as well as feeling reassured! You have definitely helped to remove some of the stigma associated with the menopause!

Karen Sherwin

HR Manager, Mogers Drewett Solicitors

So much helpful information, so nice to know that support is there and now feel less pressures.

Resonated so much with how I had been feeling and symptoms I had experienced. Good to know you’re not alone.

Thanks for the brilliant talk – really helpful to chat with everyone who are really going through the same.

Employees at

Harold G Walker Solicitors

Learnt so much about the menopause. Really useful to understand and how to help colleagues and my wife as and when it arises.

Really informative – even if I don’t need to use the knowledge for myself for a few years, having the awareness is brilliant and eye opening!

Very informative and helpful for all ages and genders. Personally helpful for my own relationship.

Very enlightening. Good understanding of the subject.

Employees at

Battens Solicitors Limited

A big thank you for delivering the session yesterday. I know the team found it really informative on a personal level and it also provided great insight into the importance of understanding and supporting menopause in the workplace, which in turn, will enable us to support our clients further with the knowledge we now have. It prompted some further discussions afterwards, which is a great sign and I was pleased to be able to include employees of all ages and genders. 

Sally Bedeau

Business Manager, Loch Associates Group

Good Humans were delighted to take part in Nicola’s Menopause workshop, such an educational journey for all of us, regardless of age or gender. Nicola presents in an engaging and eloquent manner, making everyone feel comfortable whilst raising awareness of an often taboo subject. Everyone felt at ease and learnt a great deal about the importance of creating a support network both inside and outside the workplace. Highly recommended.

Sally Lacey

Creative Operations Director, Good Humans

As a manager of a business, I am very keen to help with the wellbeing of all of our employees, so when Nicola’s flyer landed on my desk I was extremely interested in how she could support us.  Nicola and I chatted in detail about her expertise and our business needs, and we arranged for a presentation evening based around menopause information and support.  I had so much interest from the staff (both female and male!) and those that attended praised the way Nicola presented, the information they gained and the fact that as a business we were raising awareness and acceptance for menopause in the workplace.  I will be organising another presentation for those who could not attend and will work closely with Nicola to ensure that we continue to do everything we can support all of our female employees going through the menopause.

Justine Turnbull

Practice Manager, Friars Moor Vets and Friars Moor Livestock Health

Thank you to Nicola who provided a personal and informative insight into menopause for staff and Councillors at Salisbury City Council.  Feedback from attendees included that they found the session valuable to support their own experience but also others and commented that they wished they had this presentation years ago.  A very professional and educational presentation.

Tracy Adams

HR Manager, Salisbury City Council

Thanks for providing such an informative and thought-provoking talk about menopause. It’s really important to tackle these topics and often ‘head-on’ is the best way. The team found it enlightening and informative.

Mark Norton

Managing Director, Composite Profiles UK Limited

I have had overwhelmingly positive feedback from colleagues this morning, and it has already helped us to open up supportive channels of communication. I’m also feeding back to our male colleagues at the Senior Leadership meeting this afternoon.

I felt that balance of personal testimonial, information about symptoms, and practical suggestions was helpful and gave others a sense of empowerment to seek support with their own symptoms. Sarah Turnbull

Deputy Headteacher, Gillingham School

The menopause is a subject that rarely gets discussed in the workplace and yet women are very often silently suffering with a wide variety of symptoms. Nicola’s recent presentation to a group of staff made us all feel that we were not alone in dealing with the menopause and that we had a support network within our working environment. Nicola’s manner and style of delivery was very reassuring and calming and her genuine openness about her own journey was very humbling.  Nicola offers a follow up training session on more general health and well-being which we are looking forward to.

Sarah Bullmore

Headteacher, St Mary the Virgin Primary School, Gillingham

Great informative session. Makes me realise I’m not alone anymore.

Thank you Nicola – great to have time to reflect and think for once about myself. Good to also know we have strong supportive colleagues.

Very informative – thank you so much

Employees at

St Mary The Virgin Primary School

I recently attended Nicola’s webinar about menopause and to say it had an impact was an understatement!
I almost didn’t attend…it was 5pm and I had spent the day struggling to concentrate, flitting from one task to another and never quite completing anything properly. As a self confessed over achiever this sat very hard with me, and is something I have struggled with for a while.
Going to the webinar, listening to Nicola talk so openly and warmly about the symptoms so many women like me struggle with, and so importantly, talking about the things we can do to help ourselves – and give ourselves a break from the negative self-talk – was so valuable.
I have been so impressed with Nicola’s work that I have asked Nicola to join me on a future podcast – “Why Menopause is a business issue” – our aim is to reach out and support women, men and businesses on this important topic.
Thank you Nicola Jayne Lewis

Jayne Lewis Coaching

I have just attended a brilliant webinar about the menopause, specifically early menopause run by the fabulous Nicola Green. Nicola works with businesses and their people, providing them with information and practical advice about Menopause – a topic that is all too often sadly taboo but WILL affect every woman and those around them. If you have a business and would like to inform and support your workforce contact Nicola for information, it will be worth it. Thank you Nicola.

Debbie Greenwood

Owner and Founder, Liaise Limited

Nicola opens up this taboo topic in an honest, personal and very accessible way.  Her frank and often humorous description of her own journey and what she learned about all aspects of what every woman faces in some form or another prompts the same honesty and openness in participants and stimulates sharing and discussion. Since everyone’s journey is different, by the end of the session, everyone had learned something, even those who had completed their own menopause journey.  The ability for live chat during the presentation was great and added other dimensions to the session. Highly recommended for any woman who wants insight but doesn’t know where to get it or wants reassurance that it’s not just her.


Online attendee of "Real life and the menopause' presentation

Thank you for a fantastic and thought provoking presentation

Ben Malik

Manager Director, Rebecca Bevins HR Consultancy

Happy that Wessex Investment Management was able to sponsor and host such an important presentation for all concerned.

Wessex Investment Management

Managing Director, Wessex Investment Management

It was great to raise awareness of this issue with everyone at the Business Centre. We’ve got so many people here and as a woman ‘of that age’ it was great to have someone here to open a discussion for us. We all feel more able to chat with each other about this now.

Thank you for such an informative discussion. Greater openness and knowledge about the menopause is so important.

Employees at

The Wincombe Centre

Nicola was such an engaging speaker, and obviously knew her subject very well. I think the way that she spoke candidly about such a sensitive subject was refreshing – there wasn’t one person in the room that felt awkward, simply due to her approach and honesty.

Speaker was absolutely brilliant and very personable. Really engaging and all content quite simple and to the point!

Empathetic speaker who shared experiences and problems which all women face and experience. She made everyone comfortable with the uncomfortable. Well done!

From a large organisation presentation

A very interesting and informative presentation. The presentation was a great opportunity to discuss how we feel in our working environment. I would recommend this seminar to any workplace.

Philippa Cannings

Practice Manager, The Apples Medical Centre

Speaker was very engaging. She was brave to talk so openly about such a personal experience. Information provided was valuable and would be useful for all managers to be aware of the impacts that this time of life has on some of us.

From a large organisation presentation

Nicola was well prepared and engaged with the audience from the beginning. She was able to speak freely on the topic without embarrassment and encouraged questions at the end.

From a large organisation presentation

Nicola was well prepared and engaged with the audience from the beginning. She was able to speak freely on the topic without embarrassment and encouraged questions at the end.

From a large organisation presentation

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