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Menopause support in the workplace

I provide online, in person and hybrid support. 

Informative and Supportive Presentation (the ‘door opener’)

Bespoke to each organisation, but designed for the whole workforce. Attendees include those wishing to educate themselves for the future, individuals who want to gain knowledge to help support others, those experiencing varying stages of menopause and individuals in their post menopause years who would like to offer additional support.

Approximately 1 hour with Q&A.

Real Life and Menopause Presentation (the ‘follow on’)

This presentation is designed for those personally experiencing various stages of menopause; to give a greater insight into areas of personal impact and how we can support ourselves with the same. The presentation includes an introduction into: relationships, nutrition tips, alternative therapies, confidence and much more (informed by qualified practitioners where applicable).

Approximately 1 hour with Q&A

Managing Menopause Awareness Session

Bespoke to each organisation and designed for managers and business owners. This awareness session provides knowledge, understanding and practical guidance to support and manage individuals whose working life is, directly or indirectly, impacted by menopause.

Approximately 1 hour with Q&A

Menopause Champion Training

Provide ongoing support by developing your own Menopause Champions within your workplace who will essentially provide an ongoing supportive role to those, directly or indirectly, experiencing menopause.

Approximately 3 hours

Mental Health First Aiders Presentation

An opportunity for Mental Health First Aiders to gain additional knowledge to support their role.

This presentation is designed to provide an insight into some of the psychological menopausal symptoms; together with education, information and an understanding of the varying stages and impacts menopause can have on individuals.

Approximately 1 hour with Q&A

Knowledge Share and Support Sessions

I facilitate sessions to provide an opportunity for those at varying stages of menopause to deep dive into the personal impact and, in particular, provide each attendee dedicated time to be listened to and share (if they feel comfortable doing so).

These sessions are designed to continue into, quarterly, topical sessions and are for those who wish to gain further information, share their own experiences and for me to provide insight, information and support in respect of other menopause related subject areas.

Approximately 1 hour

Focus Groups

I facilitate workplace Focus Groups to ensure a greater understanding of the impact of menopause throughout the organisation. I support the Focus Group to develop a Menopause Guide or Menopause Policy.

Additional Support

The Nicola Green Consultancy team is also able to support with workplace presentations addressing grief and loss, breathwork, nutrition and colour and confidence with personal styling together with team building, workplace culture, values, vision and neurodiversity.

About Me

I was diagnosed with premature menopause at the age of 35. Learn more about my experiences with the menopause.

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