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I fully understand that we are not all fortunate enough to be able to talk to our Mum, for many different reasons; but if you are, why not ask?

Ask your Mum about her menopause journey. How old was she when it started? Did she understand what was happening? How did it affect her personally and her relationships?

If you think back yourself; do you have memories of her going through changes that you didn’t understand at the time? I know I do.

My questions to my Mum started at the age of 35 when I was diagnosed with a premature menopause.

I only knew, from a previous conversation, that Mum had gone through an early menopause, but we had not discussed it further than that. 

My understanding of what I was going through came from those conversations and the similarities between our menopause experiences.

Without these conversations I would not have understood what I was dealing with. 

It also allowed me to gain an understanding of what Mum had been through when there was no open conversation, support or knowledge and simply believing you had to “suffer in silence”’.