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Take a moment to re-read the title of this blog.

This employee isn’t saying she ‘wants’ to leave or ‘has’ to leave she is saying she ‘needs’ to leave.

It’s time to think back…

Have you ever received a resignation from a female employee with no real explanation as to why?

Ask yourself… 

Did she have another job to go to? 

Did she look exhausted and emotional? 

Was it unexpected?

Now ask yourself…

Could that employee have been suffering in silence from menopause symptoms she did or did not understand; brain fog, difficulty concentrating, lack of confidence, emotional, exhausted? 

Ultimately, did she feel she could no longer continue because of the way she was feeling or due to the lack of confidence to raise her issues and ask for support; for fear of being judged and not understood?

I have looked into the eyes of the women who have resigned due to these very reasons and it is heartbreaking. 

These are amazing, experienced and hard working women who could have been retained in their workplace if their menopause was understood and supported. 

No one is provided with education on menopause, but now is the time to educate ourselves to ensure organisations retain valued talent and for managers to know how to provide support and understanding. 

You would be overwhelmed of the positive personal and financial impact addressing the taboo subject of menopause can have on employees and an organisation.