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“Just get HRT and get on with it”

These words were said to me by someone in response to me updating them about the launch of my business and my overwhelming excitement from the amazing impact my presentation had had on a large audience of women I had presented to that week. Words that were not just said to me personally but in front of a group of others.

My bubble burst… but only momentarily.

From the very beginning of my business journey, I have always valued different individual’s views and opinions of my work from “we don’t have many women of that age working here” to the visible shudder of individuals when you mention the “m” word.

This has challenged me and allowed me to grow and strive forward. I believe in trying to understand, respecting and valuing each others’ opinions because that is how we can all learn and that is why I believe that information and education around the menopause is key. 

That is also why I believe that it is important to share my lived experiences through a premature menopause and to share what I have observed and learned from providing my presentations.

I have seen tears, nods and overwhelm from audiences when this taboo subject is opened up in their workplace or community for the first time. 

I have seen so many faces of realisation and understanding when at the end of a presentation attendees say “you have just described me” or “I thought I was alone”.

I have also heard the desperate stories of women who were quite literally at breaking point. 

The menopause is not a “fuss” but a life change. One that will affect some individuals and those closest to them more than it will affect others. 

So please ask for help if you need it.