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For, at least, the last year I have made decisions on the basis of being 51% sure (thank you Steven Bartlett for this tip).

I have always said that, for me, taking HRT is only one part of my menopause support. This mindset has allowed me to embrace new adventures on a personal and professional basis and to keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone. 

I try new things to support me but also to support you! I am always sharing my new experiences with clients and attendees to sow seeds for them and there are my 2024 tried and tested…

The gym

If I re-read my 2022 diary I would see the sentence “Maybe I need to join the gym again”. I joined, I do strength training and I enjoy it (most of the time!)


This supported me through some very difficult months in 2016 and I revisited it in 2023. I loved it!! I walked in with, what felt like, a million thoughts in my head and I walked out with none!


I completed a four week programme of acupuncture in November (thanks to @thedorsetacupuncturist) and I have noticed a reduction in anxiety. 

Sound Baths

“What did you say you are going to?” were the confused words of my husband. My reply “I’m paying £15 to lay down for an hour, so whatever it is it will be worth it!” I enjoyed the downtime that Sound Baths provided and was a subconscious and reflective experience like no other I have previously encountered. Thank you to @carolyn


I worked with the fabulous @rebeccavinent on a three month programme. Rebecca’s work with me was so much more than that of a nutritionist. It basically included life coaching. I have learnt so many things from Rebecca that continue to keep my nutrition to a good standard and also reduced my menopausal blood sugar spikes! Top tip – protein before the sweet treat.


I love breathwork and revisited it again this year with @justbe. I think the power of breathwork is underestimated by many and I use techniques in my daily life. 

Cold Water Immersion – Ice Baths

Oh yes… this was out of my comfort zone, but I loved them!

@justbe provided breathwork support into immersion and I was so happy to have achieved the 2 minute plunge. 

Climb a Mountain (or just pick a hill!)

With the support of my husband we climbed our first Mountain – Snowdon and loved it! We will be climbing another in 2024. 

Ride London – 100 mile bike ride

I’m not suggesting you all need a challenge like this, but this was a personal challenge to myself. Could I complete the ride, feel better, recover better and enjoy it more than I did when I completed it in 2016? The answer was YES.

Some of my 2023 ‘alternative therapies’ have been solo and for others I’ve been supported and accompanied by friends and family.

Some have supported my menopausal symptoms but I am a constant work in progress and I will continue on my mission into 2024 with the first experience already planned!

I would recommend all of the above to anyone who is thinking of trying something new – good luck and do let me know how you get on. 

What will your 2024 ‘out of comfort zone’ challenge be?