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Embarrassed – adjective – feeling or showing embarrassment.

I am never surprised and can completely understand other people’s embarrassment when the topic of menopause is raised, but it makes me wonder…

Why should you feel embarrassed to talk about a natural stage of life?

Why should your manager feel embarrassed if you wanted to talk to them about how a natural stage of life was having an impact on you?

My work is to try and help remove the embarrassment that can be felt when wanting to talk openly about menopause. 

Don’t get me wrong – I get it. I just don’t feel it anymore. 

I am not embarrassed to share my story, how the menopause had a negative impact on my personal, social and work life and I am able to do this in a completely comfortable way because I know how my honesty and openness can help others. 

If we can move away from feeling menopause is an embarrassing conversation, to one that is comfortable; the positive impact will be immense for all.

Mental Health Awareness is becoming increasingly understood and much more comfortable to talk about without having to feel embarrassed or any shame in admitting you are struggling. 

Menopause comes under the mental health umbrella and its impact on a woman’s physical, emotional and mental wellbeing warrants the same understanding and respect. 

My presentations and training sessions remove the embarrassment for individuals and the workplace and have been described as “making the uncomfortable, comfortable” and that is exactly the point. 

Menopause doesn’t need to be embarrassing; so let’s work to stop it being so.